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Ratings Received
Rating From Timestamp Note
7 theaftermath 2014-01-31 10:01:16 Many Paypal to Bitcoin transactions, four digit volume. Fast response, good rapport, fun, quick, gets stuff done.
1 aegis 2014-06-27 09:06:14 Micro amount of my PP for his BTC. He took it like a champ!
1 doctorbtc 2014-06-30 12:06:06 His MP (~$100) for my BTC. Smooth.
Ratings Sent
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7 theaftermath 2014-01-31 10:01:17 My BTC for his +$3k PPUSD over several transactions. Pleasure doing business with him; always prompt & responsive. So trustworthy, when a withdrawal from my Gox to his address took a long time, I fronted him another 0.3 BTC and he refunded the original (lagged) payment when it arrived. Good guy.
1 aegis 2014-06-27 08:06:26 Micro amount of my BTC for his PPUSD. First transaction but seems like a trustworthy fellow w/ good conversation and insight.
1 doctorbtc 2014-06-30 12:06:44 His BTC for my Moneypak. Smooth transaction